Comes with 1 sidekick


Hog Heaven    $12.00

Dry rubbed, slow smoked, hand pulled pork piled high on a warm French roll.

The Steer     $11.50

Hand-trimmed, Texas style smoked chopped beef brisket on a warm French roll.

Texas Ranger    $12.00

Hand sliced smoked Tri-tip, generously seasoned, on a French roll.

Pigs in a Blanket    $10.50

A whole mess of Smoke Pork Sausage on a warm French roll.

Lil Tex    $8.00

1/4 lb. of chopped beef or pulled pork on a bun with one 4oz sidekicks.

Comes with 2 sidekicks and white bread


The Longhorn    $15.50

Dry rubbed & Hickory smoked for 12 hours, Texas style brisket for a true taste of Texas.

High On The Hog Ribs

1/2 Rack  $20.00   Whole Rack  $27.00

Slow smoked St. Louis style pork ribs rubbed with our special blend of spices.

Big Bubba     $15.50 

Tri-Tip beef, extra tender, smoked to perfection and sliced thin.

Smoked Chicken Platter  $15.50

A succulent, Hickory smoked half chicken with two wonderful sidekicks.

Sampler Platter      $18.50 

Your choice of meats, any three:​​ Brisket, Puller Pork, Tri-tip, 2 ribs, 1 sausage link, 1/4 chicken.

Plus two sampler Sidekicks and a sample of Cornbread.

Quater Chicken    $11.50 

A smoked quater chicken, with a sidekick of you choosin'

Redneck Taco    $11.00 

A slab of our homemade cornbread piled up with smoked pulled pork or chopped brisket and served with outlaw coleslaw or Patty's potato salad.

Meats By the Pound

1/2 lb. Brisket, Pulled Pork, Tri-Tip, or Sausage..........$12.00

1 lb. Brisket, Pulled Pork, Tri-Tip, or Sausage..........$16.50

1/2 rack of Ribs,  no sides..........$17.00

Full rack of Ribs, no sides..........$23.00

Half Chicken, no sides...........$10.00


Small $3.50, Pint $8.00, Quart $12.50

Smokehouse Beans​

Baked Mac n' Cheese​

Outlaw Coleslaw​

Patty's Potato Salad​


Trade-A-Side....ADD $1.50

Baked Potato

Green Side Salad

Roundup Chili    $12.50 

Our homemade chili with smoked brisket, bacon, and sausage. Served in a either a bowl or a baked potato bowl with a slab of cornbread.

Spud Bud    $11.50 

Our sourthern bake potato filled with wither chopped birsket or pulled pork, topped with baked mac & cheese and cloeslaw

Green Side Salad    $4.00 

Trade a sidekick for a side salad for $1 extra

Large Green Salad    $7.00 

A big pile of the garden.

Add 3oz of meat.....$10.50


Sweet Tooth

Country Apple Crisp..........$5.00​

Banana Pudding..........$5.00

Vanilla Ice Cream..........$4.00

Root Beer Float...........$5.00

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